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You have the most powerful tool in the known universe inside your head. With your brain you can shape your reality and create the world of your dreams.

You just need to unlock it's potential and program it to do your bidding.

When people look at others more successful than them it's easy to think, "Wow, that guy is really SMART. His brain is built differently than mine, it has way more horsepower and I could never keep up."

What horseshit. 

Most of history's icons have had rather middling intelligence. I certainly wouldn't call them stupid, but they weren't the human calculators that most people associate with smartness. 

We all know the "secret" of how they did it. It involved working hard and being more creative than everyone else. The problem is never a lack of resources, the problem is always lack of resourcefulness. 

Let's not get away from ourselves. We all agree that you need to have extraordinary talent to become all time great at something. Talent plus ridiculous amounts of work.

But there is a simple way to maximize the talent you have to get the most out of every ouce of work that you put in. Not only that, if you use this simple method I'm about to show you, you'll have fun.
I'm not going to get into any deep physics but I know you've heard of Newton's first law of motion. It's really simple: An object that's moving will continue to move in the same direction at the same speed unless something forces it to change. 

It's called momentum and humans work the same way. Humans will continue to do the same things in the same way unless something forces them to change.

You can use this knowledge to program your brain for fitness. My job is to show people how to make their body perform, but this method really works for anything you apply it to.

So let's get started in the smallest way possible. I want you to wake up every day and do one pushup. Boom, You've just shifted your momentum, however slightly. After a couple weeks of doing this, it'll become the most normal thing in the world. You just used a small amount of force to change your momentum. Now keep going.

It's these small forces applied in the right direction that can build up into a raging force of nature. Like a tiny snowball on the right mountain can quickly become a devastating avalanche. 

The secret is in how much force to apply at any given time. It takes a certain finesse, but when in doubt start small and build slowly. If you think about adding one tiny thing every week for the rest of your life your results will blow you away.

This is where a good coach can come into play. Someone who has been there before and has helped others through your exact challanges can be a lifesaver. A good coach will help you find the right exercises for your unique body and show you precisely how hard to work to make progress forever.

My personal approach is to focus on enthusiam and wait for the results to come naturally. My goal is to add just the right amount of challenge to keep it fun but not enough to overwhelm you. That's the special sauce.

You're not a professional athlete and I know you can't dedicate your whole life to one goal. But that's also the same reason that you need to make the most out of every minute of training.

You need to get fit and you simply can't afford to screw around.

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