I believe that you are capable of greatness.


Imagine a world where everyone maxed out their potential. A world where everyone went after their dreams with reckless abandon. Alive with the pursuit of happiness without any fear of failure.

I know there is something in your life that you look at and think 'It would be really great to be good at that.'

So what's stopping you?

I had that same feeling about jiujitsu. I'm a huge fan of the UFC and I would watch interviews of fighters talking about their love of jiujitsu. They called it the gentle art because when perfected, you can control another human without hurting them. They talked about how they first started off for self defence but fell in love with the smooth flow of movements.

I wanted that. 

After playing 10 years of Rugby and a few years of competing in Powerlifting, I was beginning to get tired of the "Smashing game" as I like to call it. 

I was actually pretty good at smashing, showing up everyday and putting out as much intensity as possible. But it's a tough game and with my youthful intensity slowing, it was becoming less fun each day.

So after spending many years getting good at one thing, I dropped it and dove full force into Jiujitsu. Starting over from square one as a white belt, with no fear. (Click here for a video of my first Jiujitsu match)

Starting new things that are seemingly like nothing I've done before is a bit of a theme for me.

You see I went to school for Mechanical Engineering at Queen's University and after a few years working as an engineer I decided I wanted to become a trainer.

I now am a Strength and Conditioning, I'm having way more fun, and I feel far more fulfilled. 

I'm not saying it was easy and there were many time where I felt like I was failing. But the great thing about life is you get to keep playing until you're dead. 

So if you're not planning on dying any time soon, go for it. Whatever it is. Just do it.