Let Me Show You How

Look Great, Move Well, and Feel Amazing


Hi, I'm Steve Ballard and I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I can help you build a fit body and own the active lifestyle you've always dreamed, regardless of your age.

If you live in Vancouver, you know we can get a little crazy about our outdoor activities. You probably have a few friends that ski every weekend in the winter or run a casual marathon here and there. You might even know an unassuming office workers that sprints up cypress on their bike multiple times per week. 

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to join them? Not like, competitively. But to be able to enjoy a nice day adventuring, without totally sucking?

Maybe you've never been athletic or maybe you think you're too old. I'm here to tell you that you don't have to miss out. 

Obviously things like rock climbing and stand up paddle boarding take a ton of skill. But that skill is easier to gain when your body is strong and healthy. 

Let me show you how to prepare your body for any activity while also looking great and feeling amazing.

Just ask these people:

 Hannah enjoying a beautiful day of skiing

Hannah enjoying a beautiful day of skiing


I started working with Steve because I needed to pass my POPAT physical test. I thought I had been training well by myself but the first time I tried the test I got 6:32 which is more than 2 minutes more than the 4:15 I needed to pass.

All that changed after working with Steve. I saw him once a week and we worked on strength, explosive power and running technique. Steve also gave me homework and would tell me what exercises to work on for the rest of the week.

Now, I have passed the physical test (with a time of 3:58) and I am stronger than ever! I love working with Steve because he has an upbeat attitude and is super friendly. It's easy to get motivated to train with him because he makes training sessions feel so fun and productive!

 Corbin on top of Mt. St. Helen's

Corbin on top of Mt. St. Helen's


Before training with Steve, I never thought I would climb harder than 5.10. This year I climbed my first 11D! His training gave me the stamina to get through a tough day of climbing and now I don't need to take a week to recover, I can hit it hard the very next day. 

After every session with Steve I make more progress with my climbing and if I get stuck with a certain move, he works with me to develop the strength to master it. Climbing is now more fun because my body is able to keep up with the training demands and I get less frustrated because I know it's only a matter of time before I nail it. 


People told me it looked like I had gained 20lbs. In fact, my body weight hasn't changed.

Training with Steve is a mind blowing experience. I never realized the foundation of my fitness was in need of repair. 

By focusing on the basics and building a habit of consistency I was able to get stronger than I ever thought possible. The funny part is even though I was gaining muscle, my weight didn't go up. 

Now my AcroYoga is better than ever and my strength makes me one of the most trusted bases for my flying partners. 

 Deon Practicing AcroYoga

Deon Practicing AcroYoga